A black-owned and woman-owned business, Bleuprint is your personalized resource for instructional design, gamification, and e-learning development. Our mission is to help your business solve the challenge of employee retention. To achieve this, Bleuprint develops training programs that build brand awareness, reflects your company culture and improves employee engagement through meaningful and impactful interactive online learning experiences. 


Bleuprint partners with your business to ensure you have e-learning that is specific to the audience it is intended for, provides a consistent message each time an employee accesses the training and aligns with your company mission, vision and goals.

This personalized solution will set the foundation to transform your training curriculum into learning that improves employee retention, increases employee engagement, and improves employee morale.

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 Are you interested in ways to make learning engaging? Do you need a solution that focuses on employee retention?

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What is the main concept of

E-Learning is defined as “electronically enabled learning”. It is carried out on the Internet, where learning materials are available at any time and any place via desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. 
E-Learning allows employees the freedom, flexibility and independence to learn at their own pace. 

  1. Flexibility: Whether you log on while commuting, at work or during your free time- the learning material can be easily made part of your daily routine.

  2. Availability: Without physical limitations, anyone with Internet access can simultaneously access learning opportunities. 

  3. Low cost: Since e-learning usually allows more course participants at the same time, it is often less expensive than conventional learning offerings. 

We build your training for you to ensure that it aligns with your company's goals for retention, engagement and productivity. Bleuprint's mission is to help you solve the challenge of employee retention. Employees appreciate employers who invest in their careers. Bleuprint offers custom e-learning development solutions that reflect your company culture and build brand awareness through engaging e-learning content development. Bleuprint's solutions offer convenience, flexibility, reliability, and scalability to your corporate training program. 

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