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The Bleuprint Process

Empowering your employees to own their skill development to advance in their careers.

The Discovery

  • Consult. Led by an experienced instructional designer and e-learning developer, the consultation is an analysis of what skills are missing or needs improvement in the business, where you are with training today, and setting expectations for learning in the future.

Our Roadmap

  • Plan. After completing the consultation, your dedicated instructional designer and e-learning developer will work with you to offer a strategic solution that fills the business unique need. In this step a timeline of specific deliverables to get your e-learning designed from start to finish is established. This is also where subject matter experts and additional key stakeholders are identified for collaboration to ensure your designer has access to the most accurate content that is to be incorporated for project development.

Project Development


  • Design. In this step, course design and development begins to create the recommended solution the client and designer have agreed upon. Any and all content, media, logos, imagery etc., that are necessary to educate the learner, will be developed into an interactive course. This is also where the client and stakeholders continue collaboration to review a course draft, provide their feedback, and the necessary changes/updates provided are implemented.

Project Delivery

  • Implement. This is the final deliverable of the timeline is to launch the e-learning solution on the clients' learning management system for the employees to be given access. In this stage the course will be tested for any technical or access issues so they can be resolved. Once testing is complete, the project is officially live and ready for the audience! 

The Result

  • Evaluate. Your team and your dedicated designer, may complete an evaluation of the business metrics identified to determine how the training solution impacted the business. Evaluations should take place 30, 60, and 90 days after the launch of the course.

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