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Learning & Development Program Strategist and Founder of Bleuprint

Taresa Scott, M.S.Ed., M.A.C. 

After completing her Master of Science degree in Education for Instructional Design & Technology, Taresa entered the Learning & Development field to lead several learning initiatives on soft skills, technical skills, DE&I, leadership development, and ongoing career development workshops for global organizations.


As a skilled and passionate learner, Taresa is dedicated to helping her clients to design, develop, and deliver e-learning solutions to grow the skills of their teams and support organizational effectiveness to retain high-performing employees. As your dedicated e-learning partner, Taresa is committed to delivering a tailored learning experience that addresses your unique learning goals to drive meaningful results.

Are you interested in having a productive and insightful conversation to explore ways to elevate your learning initiatives? Schedule a consultation with Taresa to get started!

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e-Learning Solutions to Bridge Skill Gaps

At Bleuprint our mission is to empower modern learners to own their skill development through self-paced learning that is easy to access, relevant to their career goals, and specific to their role. 


As a result, our #1 priority is developing a learning solution that helps your learners unlock their full potential to perform at their best. We do this by understanding your unique learning goals, and audience, to create courses that are meaningful, interactive, and engaging. From graphic design, animation, video, and almost everything else in between - this client-centric approach is why we pride ourselves on professionalism, communication, and personalized e-learning solutions. 

As part of this philosophy, we include our clients in every step of the creative process to ensure that our work meets your expectations. The end result is a personalized learning experience that drives user engagement, increases productivity and supports internal mobility.

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e-Learning Solutions


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Customized LMS/LXP Experience

The Bleuprint Solution™

We develop skill-building learning solutions reflecting your unique brand and audience to drive actionable behaviors and deliver measurable outcomes.
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Improve your client value proposition by hiring an experienced instructional designer and e-learning developer that is skilled in graphic design, animation, and video editing to elevate your corporate learning.

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Schedule a consultation to elevate your delivery and engage your audience. Bleuprint will captivate your audience with an array of ideas, interactions, words, and images into a storytelling presentation that connects with your audience.

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Give your learners access to learning from anywhere, at any time through their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Bleuprint provides a personalized and scalable LMS to connect, deliver, and educate your learners.

Our Portfolio

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Easy to Navigate

How can I give learners the confidence to learn new concepts and methodologies?

  • Designing an engaging and easy to navigate web-based course that connects with the audience.


Interactive e-Learning

How can I make training more interactive to ensure learners are engaged with the content?

  • Developing a course that promotes features and benefits to improve product awareness.

  • Utilizing graphic design to establish a course theme that reinforces the training purpose.



How can I provide learning to a professional who has limited time in their busy day to train?

  • Simplifying topics into meaningful, impactful, and short increments of learning that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. 

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