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🗣 The Bleuprint LMS is LIVE‼️

Come on, I really wanna know... Are you looking for resources to help grow your skills? A resource that is easy to use and allows you to learn from any device, anytime, from anywhere? Or better yet... An e-learning resource that you can use to deliver e-learning to your clients, teams, or organization?

Well, look no further, "The Bleuprint LMS" is available for you!

This e-learning newsletter is here to add some spice to your professional development journey. Get ready for a fun-filled ride of valuable insights where we serve up bite-sized nuggets of knowledge to satisfy your brain cravings! So buckle up and get ready to feast on the latest and greatest in e-learning trends, tips, and tricks. Be sure to follow and subscribe for more!


We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Learning Management System, "The Bleuprint LMS"‼️

This LMS has been designed to further drive our mission to empower modern learners to own their skill development through self-paced learning that is easy to access, relevant to their career goals, and specific to their role. 🚀

Bleuprint aims to make learning accessible, engaging, and impactful, empowering learners to stay ahead in their careers and organizations to foster a culture of learning, growth, and innovation.

🌟 Key Features of "The Bleuprint LMS"🌟

📱 Mobile Accessibility: We understand that learning happens on the go. Our LMS is fully mobile-responsive, allowing learners to access courses and resources from any device, anytime, anywhere.

💬 Social Learning & Collaboration: Foster a sense of community and collaboration with our built-in social learning features. Learners can interact, share knowledge, and learn from each other, enriching the overall learning experience.

📝 Microlearning Resources: Bite-sized, digestible content for enhanced retention and quick application of knowledge. Say goodbye to overwhelming information dumps!

📊 Analytics & Progress Tracking: Keep track of learners' progress and measure the impact of training initiatives with robust analytics and reporting tools, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions.

💡 The Bleuprint Curated Content Collection: Gain access to exclusive learning content that sets you on a path to unparalleled expertise. Our platform offers a curated selection of premium courses, giving you an edge in today's competitive landscape.

The Bleuprint LMS is here to provide you with a complete e-learning solution that takes your learning content from planning to launch by designing, developing, and delivering an engaging online learning experience.

Are you ready to learn more⁉️

Check out The Bleuprint LMS by selecting 👉🏽 to start learning today!

🌟BONUS🌟 Get 12 months of exclusive access to The Bleuprint LMS to enjoy our dynamic library of professional development e-learning courses.

Let's take your professional development to the next level‼️


Ready to transform your team's learning and development?

We support talent development leaders and industry experts by designing, developing, and delivering engaging e-learning solutions so that their audience knows exactly why that information is relevant to their role, and how to apply that information in the real world. Our focus is employee retention so that professionals can build the skills they need to grow in their careers’.

✅ Microlearning

✅ Gamification

✅ Scenario-Based Learning

✅ Learning Experience Design

✅ Mobile-Friendly Learning Management System (LMS)

Select the text 👉🏽 Book a discovery call with Taresa today and learn how our customized e-learning solutions can take your learning to the next level!

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