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Founder of Bleuprint

Taresa Scott, M.S.Ed., M.A.C. 

After completing her Master of Science degree in Education for Instructional Design & Technology, Taresa entered the Learning & Development field to lead several learning initiatives on soft skills, technical skills, DE&I, leadership development, and ongoing career development workshops for global organizations.


As a skilled and passionate learner, Taresa is dedicated to helping her clients to design, develop, and deliver e-learning solutions to grow the skills of their teams and support organizational effectiveness to retain high-performing employees. As your dedicated EdTech Strategist, Taresa is committed to delivering a tailored learning experience that addresses your unique learning goals to drive meaningful business results.

Are you interested in having a productive and insightful conversation to explore ways to elevate your learning initiatives? Schedule a consultation with Taresa to get started!

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Our Services & Solutions


Instructional Design



e-Learning Solutions


Curriculum Design & Development



Design & Development


Customized LMS/LXP Platform


Onboard Upskill & Reskill

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Learner-Centric Approach

At Bleuprint our mission is to empower modern learners to own their skill development through self-paced learning that is easy to access, relevant to their career goals, and specific to their role. 


As a result, our #1 priority is developing a learning solution that helps your learners unlock their full potential to perform at their best. We do this by understanding your unique learning goals, and audience, to create courses that are meaningful, interactive, and engaging. From graphic design, animation, video, and almost everything else in between - this client-centric approach is why we pride ourselves on professionalism, communication, and personalized e-learning solutions. 

As part of this philosophy, we include our clients in every step of the creative process to ensure that our work meets your expectations. The end result is a personalized learning experience that drives user engagement, increases productivity and supports internal mobility.


The Bleuprint Solution™


Practical Application & Knowledge Retention


Accessible & Improved Decision Making


Create a Culture of Learning that Boosts Morale

Let's eliminate the fluff messaging from learning and focus on the key details that will transform your learners' skills. Customize continuous learning programs at individual and group levels, keeping the path forward clear and accessible for any professional wanting to grow.

Training is not a one-size-fits-all solution or a check-the-box task. Your audience has a unique set of skills, learning styles, and preferences. Use professional development tracking to measure what's working and where there's room for improvement— driving informed workforce decisions.

Your learning journey is unique to your team, business, and audience. We know better engagement takes place when you meet the needs of your audience. Foster a collaborative learning environment with e-learning, peer-to-peer learning, and coaching to create an organization-wide atmosphere of continuous improvement.


Work With Us If...

You view your learners as assets that you want to continuously train and develop.

You want to deliver learning that improves performance and productivity.

You have a passion for skill development for yourself and others.

You want a personalized solution that is focused on meeting the needs of the learner.

You want to expand your learners' growth opportunities with AI to assess learner data to predict new content that will likely interest them as well as popular course options.

You want learners to efficiently find the content they're searching for, gain the skills they seek, and are motivated to come back for more.

You want to motivate your teams to consume information in bite-sized pieces and apply what they’ve learned for increased efficiency.

You want to inspire learners to engage with their peers - enabling them to rate courses, interact with other learners, and share their accomplishments.

You want to award learners for their accomplishments with badges or customizable and downloadable certificates.

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Schedule a Product Tour

See our e-learning solutions in action! Schedule a discovery call to learn how we can deliver your learning initiatives to onboard, upskill, and reskill professionals.


Irving, Texas, USA 75039



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