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🧐 Is your e-learning hitting the mark? How do you know if your learners are truly getting it?

Let's face it, e-learning can be difficult to measure if you don't know what to look for. Let's explore Bleuprint's top 3 ways to check learner understanding.

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Before we dive in, remember numbers do not reflect the experiences of real people in it's entirety. Yes, numerical data is great, but you are missing the mark if you are relying on numbers alone. I've seen employees leave a poor rating because they didn't like what the person in a video was wearing. Better yet, they took the wrong training and felt it wasn't relevant to their department.

So, how do you obtain useful data that helps you to measure the impact of e-learning?

  1. Be sure to ask open ended questions. This allows you to gather data and information that measures the level of understanding (basic, intermediate, expert) the learner has gained at the completion of a topic, lesson, or course. Consider this scenario: You have requested your leadership team to complete an online course on Coaching Basics which provides a strategic process to conducting meaningful career development conversations with their teams. Once leaders have completed the course materials, an example question to ask would be, “Which strategy did you find to be the most valuable and why?”

  2. Ask the learner to reflect. This allows you to measure the level of engagement the learner had with the overall course delivered to them. Students should be able to articulate what they’ve learned and consider how what they’ve learned can be applied on the job or in a practical setting. Consider this scenario: Several of the leaders on your team have expressed their excitement to implement the strategies learned from the Coaching Basics course. to determine if they truly grasp the concepts, you could ask, “How would you apply the identified strategies to your role?”

  3. Use a quiz. This is a great method to reflect, check for understanding, and reinforce the objectives of the lesson to measure knowledge retention of the learner. Based on the guidelines of your company, you can add customized scoring requirements that result in a pass or fail attempt for learners.

Again, it's important to remember that analytical data is valuable but numbers do not always depict the full picture when evaluating whether or not learners are able to absorb and apply what they've learned in the real world.

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