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  • Writer's pictureTaresa Scott, M.S.Ed., M.A.C. of Bleuprint

🌟 Creating Effective e-Learning that Empowers New Hires

This e-learning newsletter is here to add some spice to your professional development journey. Get ready for a fun-filled ride of valuable insights where we serve up bite-sized nuggets of knowledge to satisfy your brain cravings! So buckle up and get ready to feast on the latest and greatest in e-learning trends, tips, and tricks. Be sure to follow and subscribe for more!


💡Imagine this...

After countless interviews, you finally extend an offer to the perfect candidate. The new hire joins the company but there isn't an effective e-learning strategy in place. Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, the new hire struggles to grasp the company's culture and expectations. Without the personalized learning and interactive experiences, their onboarding journey lacks the inspiration needed to ignite their potential, leaving them adrift in uncertainty.

So as you bring on new hires remember this...

✨ Onboarding is more than just a checkbox; it's the perfect opportunity to welcome, engage, and empower your newest team members. 💫🤝

🎯 So I'm sure you're wondering, "Taresa, just how can we create effective onboarding e-learning experiences that truly resonates with modern learners?"

Here are some key ingredients:

1️⃣ Storytelling and Connection: Share the story of your company, its values, and its mission through the art of storytelling. 📖

2️⃣ Interactive Experiences: Embrace interactive elements like simulations, quizzes, and scenarios that empower learners to actively participate in their learning journey. 🎮

3️⃣ Personalization Matters: One size doesn't fit all, and that's true for onboarding e-learning too! Personalize content based on job roles, departments, and individual preferences. 🎯

4️⃣ Embrace the power of social learning: Encourage new hires to connect, share experiences, and learn together. Building a supportive community fosters collaboration, growth, and a sense of camaraderie from the start. 💬

🌱 Take advantage of the opportunity to shape the learning journeys of new hires, helping them to connect, engage, and reach their full potential within your organization.


Bleuprint's Featured Course of the Week

Now, more than ever, successful teams demonstrate courage and resilience. They voice ideas, take creative risks, embrace challenges, learn from failure, practice self-care, and bounce back from setbacks or mistakes.

In this course, you’ll learn strategies for developing these traits and habits in your team—including the expert advice of bestselling author Mollie West Duffy. First, you’ll explore what resilience is and why it gives teams a competitive advantage. Second, you’ll discover how building psychological safety and creating a culture of continuous improvement encourages innovation and responsible risk-taking. Finally, you’ll see the role work relationships and self-care play in fostering resilience.

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Ready to transform your team's learning and development?

We support talent development leaders and industry experts by designing, developing, and delivering engaging e-learning solutions so that their audience knows exactly why that information is relevant to their role, and how to apply that information in the real world. Our focus is employee retention so that professionals can build the skills they need to grow in their careers’.

✅ Microlearning

✅ Gamification

✅ Scenario-Based Learning

✅ Learning Experience Design

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